What To Do in a Dental Emergency

What to do in a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be a scary thing. What should you do if you have a toothache? What if you lose a filling? What if you chip your tooth? Is it an emergency if your gums are bleeding?

There are a few things that you can do to ease your pain and anxiety in a dental emergency. Remember try not to panic. It can be helpful to take some deep breaths and remind yourself that you will be okay. Here are some tips on what to do in different types of dental emergencies.

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A toothache can be a sign of a serious dental problem, so it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may end up needing a root canal or other extensive dental work.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to ease the pain. Rinse your mouth with warm water to cleanse the area and remove any food particles that may be irritating the tooth. This helps to prevent infection.

You can also try using a cold compress to numb the pain. You can hold a cold, wet washcloth against the cheek or place an ice pack wrapped in a towel on the cheek. If the toothache is accompanied by swelling, you can take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. If the pain is severe, you may need to see a dentist for further treatment. In the meantime, try to avoid chewing on the affected side of your mouth and rest your jaw as much as possible.

Broken teeth

Broken teeth can be a real pain, both literally and figuratively. Whether you’re dealing with a chipped tooth or a completely shattered tooth, it’s important to seek dental care as soon as possible.

To minimize discomfort and help keep the area clean, rinse your mouth with warm water to remove any debris. If you’re bleeding, apply firm pressure with a clean cloth. It is important to avoid using a cotton swab or other sharp object to clean the area, as this could cause further damage.

If the tooth is sharp or jagged, cover it with sugarless gum or paraffin wax to prevent further injury. And finally, call your dentist right away to schedule an appointment. With prompt treatment, you’ll be able to restore your smile in no time.

Fractured jaw

A fractured jaw is a break or cracks in the jawbone. It usually happens after a strong force hits the jaw, such as from a car accident or a punch in the face. A fractured jaw can cause severe pain, swelling, bruising, and difficulty moving the mouth or jaws. If you think you have a fractured jaw, it’s important to see a doctor or dentist right away so that the bone can be properly aligned and healed. Call your dentist right away or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

In the meantime, ice can be applied to the area to help reduce swelling. For example, you can hold an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel against the cheek. You should also avoid eating hard foods or chewing gum until the jaw has healed. Soft foods like soup, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs are best.

Lost filling or crown

If you have a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is call your dentist. If you can’t reach your dentist or it’s after hours, you can go to an emergency room.

For a lost filling or crown, try to find the piece and bring it with you to the dentist. You can clean the area with warm water and put a piece of sugarless gum in the spot where the filling or crown was. If the tooth is in pain, you can take ibuprofen for pain relief. This can also help with swelling.

When you see the dentist, they will assess the damage and decide if you need a new filling or crown. If so, they will numb the area and put in a new filling or crown. If the tooth is severely damaged, you may need a root canal.


Dental emergencies can be stressful, but it’s important to stay calm and call your dentist right away. Always keep calm and call your dentist. Dental emergencies are never fun, but with the right treatment, you can get your smile back to normal in no time.

Dr Tan
Dr Tan
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